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St:George Syrian Orthodox Church,Kadamattom

Welcome to the land of mysteries and legends-enter Kadamattom the place in Ernakulam district where the great legendary figure Rev. Fr. Paulose Kathanar alias Kadamattathu Kathanar lived. We are not sure about the time period in which he lived .These information are handed over to us by word of mouth .Some say he lived as early as 6th century and some say he lived in 16th century-a point in which historians differ. There are no documents ascertaining these statements. The various historians correlate their findings at their own whims and fantasies. Anyway Kadamattathu Kathanar finds a very prominent place in the local mythical stories and even in the 'Aithihya Mala '(The book of Legends) written by Kottarathil Sankunni. Stories about Kathanar are many and varied. Infact this may be the fact that prompted Asianet to broadcast the serial 'Kadamattathu Kathanar'. Many things in the serial are simply fantasies of the writer of the serial without having even minimal concern to the historical points or local tradition.
Let historians differ regarding their viewpoint. Let story writers write what they want. But the devout faithful are least bothered. What they want is to come and pray at this place to seek blessings and return home with peace in mind. The rush of pilgrims to this place has been there from time immemorial. And the church was lively with the celebration of Holy Sacraments according to the Antiochean Syrian Orthodox rite.
But the story turns dim and takes another turn at this century when the church is gripped in the faction feud of Malankara Church.
The church is now closed down by the pressure tactics of the IOC Catholicose and the Athanasius, the defected Bishop. The minority headed by these bishops are adamant in putting the church in closed state. The families supporting them are only 300.While the majority amounting to about 1800 families owe allegiance to HH Patriarch of Antioch and the HB Catholicose Thomas I.
What is a church meant for ? IOC Catholicose and Athanasius may say it is meant to shut down. But the faithful majority will say it is to worship. Their plea goes unheard.

Will the door open for the faithful to worship?

Like any other ancient church in Malankara, Kadamattom church also was involved in the faction feud. When the second split happened in early 70's  church was divided for both factions and both factions conducted sacraments in alternative turns.
The condition was worsened when the diocesan Bishop himself defected and turned hostile against the faithful. Athanasius, the defected Bishop looked into it that the church be closed down otherwise he wouldn't have a stand in front of the IOC Catholicose. The IOC Catholicose also supported his untrue and illegal cause. Both of them were well aware that if the church issue was settled in a compromise settlement,definitely the Jacobite faction will get  the church since they were the majority. So the end decision was simple and lucid - close it down by misleading the Govt. authorities by making them  think serious problems will arise if it opens.


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