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(Picture in the norhtex of Kadamattom church)

The present plight of the church is disgusting. The church is locked and is under the Govt. Receiver. The keys are with him. But the IOC faction managed to get a key of the 'bhandaram'( the offertory box) and they are taking the money from it deceitfully. The Govt. official turns a deaf ear at the complaints of the Jacobite faithful.
Kadamattom church is visited by a lot of pilgrims. But they turn desperate at its present condition because the church is not accessible to worship.They are forced to be satisfied by praying at the doorsteps in front of the closed main door.
The devotees light candles and pray. They pray not only for their own things but also for the opening of the church.
The 'nadakashala' or the 'Narthex /Mandalam' of the church is the place where the devotees can pray .It is not properly maintained and lies dirty with cobwebs and dirt all over. The old chandeliers in the Narthex are in a dilapidated condition.The Narthex has  pictures of Saints and also the protagonist. Kathanar in the painting is an old man  dressed white and having long white beard which is characteristic of Syrian Orthodox tradition belief.This picture is purely imagination of an artist .But anyway conforms to the local tradition. Contrary to this is the portrayal of Kathanar by Asianet as  a Cappuchin Catholic priest who is young and handsome.This act of Asianet has aroused strong oppsition and resentment from the local people.
The surroundings of the church are dirty because it is not being cleaned by anyone.Litter span around the compounds of the church.Is this the way ,the place of God meant to be?
The surrounding buildings are also in a dilapidated condition.
The cemetery of the church is now open to both factions. Don't  know when the IOC Catholicose and Athanasius will make the existing condition of the burial of faithful topsy turvy.
There is a a 'kurushinthotty'  on the way to Poyedam church  near the MC Road.It is also in a dilapidated condition.It is in the name of Parumala Thirumeni.The IOC doesn't spare the various 'kurishinthotty' also.